JYC 610/B8 crochet machine


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Key words: YS series hoisting belt weaving machine | JYG2 series crochet machine | JYF5J series computer weaving machine

Product Introduction

Technical Data

Operating width

Number of stitches (number of knitting needles per inch)

Number of weft rows


Standard configuration

2HP frequency converter and control device

1.5HP motor for operation

Finished product double-sided take-up pulley device

warp and weft reed

Rubber feeding device

Automatic stop device for warp and weft yarn


24 inches (610mm)


Row 8



Group 1


Group 1

Group 1

Group 2

Group 2


Packing size

Item Packing size (mm)
Machine 1880 × 1120 × 1800
creel 3000 × 400 × 400


Key words: JYC 610/B8 crochet machine

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