JYW Razer

To sort out all kinds of rubber-wrapped yarn and spandex-wrapped yarn, the machine head and the rear frame can be adjusted by frequency conversion and speed regulation respectively. The applicable pan head diameter is less than 400mm, the inner hole diameter is 17 and 20, and the length is 255mm.


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Product Introduction

Finishing all kinds of acorn wrap yarn, spandex wrap yarn, the head and the rear frame respectively frequency conversion speed regulation can be arbitrarily adjusted acorn tension

Applicable disc head diameter below 400mm, inner hole diameter 17, 20, length 255mm


Speed regulation

Frequency conversion adjustment: 0~350 r/min (line speed 0~390 m/min)


Length setting

The use of a counting device according to the requirements of arbitrary set warp length, can save the waste of warp


Warp width and density adjustment

Adopt 4W-type passing reeds, adjust the width at will, left and right devices


Motor horsepower


Key words: JYW Razer

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