JYG612/B3 crochet machine

Operating width 24 inches (610mm) weft yarn row number 3 needle number 15/20 horsepower 1.5HP standard equipped with frequency conversion speed control belt take-up device 2 sets of glue feeding device automatic shutdown device warp and weft yarn reed packaging size (mm) machine 1800*1120*1800 rear frame 3000*400*400


Crochet machine

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Product Introduction

Operating width 24 inches (610mm)
Number of weft rows 3
Number of stitches 15/20
Horsepower 1.5HP
Standard Equipped variable frequency speed regulation
Tape retractor
2 sets of glue feeding device
automatic stop device
warp and weft reed
Packing size (mm)
Machine 1800*1120*1800
Rear frame 3000*400*400


Key words: JYG612/B3 crochet machine

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