JYS Series Lifting Belt Ribbon Machine

It is durable, fast, quiet, simple to operate, convenient to maintain, etc. Specifications, models and specifications JYS4/60JYS4/90JYS2/110JYS2/130 webbing number 4422 reed width 6090110130 brown frame number 88 (pun knife) 88 weft density 3.5-36.7/cm(8.9-93/inch)1.8-5/cm flower chain circulating cam type/flower chain type 1:8 machine size and weight Item packing size PackingMeas.(MM) net weight NetWeight(kg) gross weight Gro


Ribbon machine

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Product Introduction

It has the characteristics of durable, fast, quiet, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


Specifications and models

Model specifications JYS4/60 JYS4/90 JYS2/110 JYS2/130
Number of webbing strips 4 4 2 2
Reed width 60 90 110 130
Number of brown frame pieces 8 8 (pun knife) 8 8
Weft Density 3.5-36.7/cm(8.9-93/inch) 1.8-5/cm
flower chain cycle Cam type/flower chain type 1:8


Machine size and weight

Packing size
Packing Meas.(MM)
净重Net Weight(kg) 毛重 Gross Weight(kg)
Machine Machine 1120 × 920 × 2000 505 520
Tension Tension Frame 2200 × 400 × 210 112 125
Creel 2640 × 500 × 420 240 265


Key words: JYS Series Lifting Belt Ribbon Machine

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