Self-innovation to strengthen the high-end textile industry chain

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Textile enterprises are through intelligent transformation, to achieve transformation and upgrading, speed up efficiency.

Textile enterprises are through intelligent transformation, to achieve transformation and upgrading, speed up efficiency.


From leather base fabric to knitted fabric

On the morning of September 9, in the spinning workshop of Zhengquan Cloth Industry Co., Ltd. in Youxi County, machines were running at high speed, and workers were busy in front of the machines. Outside the workshop, porters were piling bundles of knitted clothing and fabric products onto the truck......

"Thanks to the four generations of technological transformation from technological transformation to the addition of equipment, even in the face of the continuous slowdown in the growth of the textile industry, the company can deliver a truck full of more than 30 tons of goods every day with zero inventory." Xu Shaozheng, chairman of Zhengquan Cloth Company, said.

Xu Shaozheng was the first to produce plastic woven bags in Youxi Sakan. In 2008, he founded Zhengquan Cloth Industry, a medium-sized textile enterprise with an initial investment of no more than 50 million yuan. In order to meet the market demand, the company tightened its "belt" and took the initiative to carry out technological transformation. In the past ten years, it has invested more than 0.1 billion yuan, realized the integration of elastic adding, process adjustment and intelligent computer control, reduced the labor force by 2/3, and increased the production capacity by more than 20 times.

"The earliest production of woven leather fabric with rapier machine, but with the change of market conditions, woven leather fabric has been unable to meet the demand. Therefore, in 2010, I introduced the warp knitting machine, weft knitting machine and elastic machine, changed to the production of knitted fabric. After that, and upgrade the production of knitted fabric..." Xu Shaozheng introduced, the next step plans to introduce robot equipment to solve the technical job recruitment problems.


Old devices become smart machines

The technical reform of Zhengquan cloth industry originated from Youxi County to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry. In 2009, Youxi County was awarded the title of "China's Gejibu City. In order to further promote the high-quality development of the county's textile industry, in the same year, Youxi County hired experts and professors from inside and outside the province to carry out top-level design, compiled the ''Youxi County Textile Industry Development Plan'', and issued policy packages to support and guide old textile enterprises to launch technological transformation. The core self-revolution upgrades to the high-end of the industrial chain.

With the great attention and strong promotion of the county party committee and county government, like Zhengquan cloth industry, Dongxin Textile, Zhongtai Textile and other major established textile enterprises have also invested in the self-revolution of technological transformation.

Dongxin Textile was established in 2003. At the beginning of the factory, there were only 3 air spinning equipment. It was the first textile enterprise to settle in Chengxi Park of Youxi Economic Development Zone. In 2009, the company introduced new air spinning equipment and increased the spinning capacity from 5000 ingots to 20000 ingots. Since then, in order to cope with the complex and changeable economic environment, the company has introduced 132 rapier machines and began to produce leather-based fabrics based on customer needs. After 2019, the two-for-one twister was introduced and a twisting workshop was set up to produce civilian products such as knitting yarn with higher technical and management requirements.

"Since the beginning of this year, the company has invested more than 2000 million yuan to dismantle all air spinning equipment and replace all the original spinning equipment with new intelligent machines, greatly improving the degree of automation. The number of workers has been reduced from more than 200 to more than 100, and the spinning scale has reached 33000 spindles." He Biyi, the person in charge of Dongxin Textile Company, introduced that since the industrial transformation and upgrading, product quality has improved, orders have increased, and sales have also expanded from the province to Guangdong and Zhejiang, achieving both production and sales.


Old textile marches into concentrated area

In order to help the county's dyeing and finishing industry to upgrade and build Youxi's 100 billion-dollar textile industry cluster, according to the concept of "ecology first and green development", Youxi County has started with chain building, chain extension and chain supplement to build 1200 mu of dyeing and finishing concentrated area with high standards, thus facilitating dyeing and finishing enterprises to withdraw from the city and enter the park. In June 2018, in order to promote the construction of the dyeing and finishing concentrated area in the south of the city, Youxi County formulated the ''Overall Plan for the Transformation and Upgrading of the Dyeing and Finishing Industry in Youxi County'', from accelerating the improvement of basic supporting facilities, land concessions, production capacity rewards, park incentives, relocation subsidies, Loans and other aspects provide support, and set up a special project team to follow up the whole process.

At present, high-end dyeing and finishing projects such as Dekun Weaving and Dyeing, Chuangyi Dyeing and Finishing, Greer Printing and Dyeing, Naqi Textile and Xinyoupeng Textile have been settled in the dyeing and finishing concentrated area. Workers are taking advantage of the fine weather to step up the construction of factories. And the park supporting central heating, centralized sewage treatment infrastructure construction is also in progress.

Yangyi Textile and Garment Co., Ltd. is located in Longyi Village, Xinyang Town, founded in 1987. Since 2009, the company has invested more than 2000 million yuan to upgrade the industrial chain, achieving an annual output of 15 million meters of gray cloth, 26 million meters of PU leather base cloth and 3000 tons of air spinning. At the same time, Yangyi Company attracted strong aid from outside and cooperated with a textile company in the province to relocate the dyeing and finishing project to the dyeing and finishing concentration area in the south of the city. At present, the plant is under construction and is expected to be partially put into production by the end of the year.

"At present, the homogenization competition in the leather-based cloth industry is intensifying. In order to cope with the downturn in the market, while ensuring the quality of the original products, the company plans to upgrade the leather-based cloth industry chain and develop high-end products to accumulate sufficient momentum for a new round of development." Lin Chuantian, chairman of Yangyi Company, introduced.