JYF5J Series Computer Ribbon Machine

Suitable for the production of bra strap, shoulder strap, edging belt, decorative belt, ribbon and other products. It has the characteristics of fast speed, smooth edge closing and stable performance.


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Product Introduction

JYF5J Series Computer Ribbon Machine

■Suitable for producing all kinds of jacquard elastic belt and rigid belt.

■ Optional glue or steel tape rollers.


Model specifications 10/27 12/27 8/30 10/30 8/35 10/35 6/45 8/45 10/42
Number of webbing strips 10 12 8 10 8 10 6 8 10
Reed width 27 27 30 30 35 35 45 45 42
Drum configuration Single roller, double roller optional
Number of brown frame pieces Depending on the number of stitches
Jacquard needle number 128/192/240 128/192/240/320/384/448
Weft Density 3.5~36.7/cm(8.9~93/inch)
Horsepower 2HP
flower chain cycle 1:40



Key words: JYF5J Series Computer Ribbon Machine

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