JYF Series Ribbon Machine

Suitable for producing all kinds of elastic belts and rigid belts, specifications, models, models, specifications, 8/308/356/456/554/804/55 number of webbing strips, 886644 reed width, 303545558055 weft insertion direction, roller configuration, single roller, double roller, optional double roller, brown frame number, single roller: 16 double rollers: 1414 weft density, 3.5-36.7/cm(8.9-93/inch) horsepower, 2HP flower chain cycle, 1:8, 1:8, 1:48


Ribbon machine

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Product Introduction


Suitable for producing all kinds of elastic belt and rigid belt


Specifications and models

Model specifications 8/30 8/35 6/45 6/55 4/80 4/55
Number of webbing strips 8 8 6 6 4 4
Reed width 30 35 45 55 80 55
weft insertion direction
Roller Configuration Single roller, double roller optional Double roller
Number of brown frame pieces Single roller: 16 double roller: 14 14
Weft Density 3.5-36.7/cm(8.9-93/inch)
Horsepower 2HP
flower chain cycle 1:8 、1:48


Key words: JYF Series Ribbon Machine

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